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ISAA ExpressCut pineapple peeling and slicing machine

ISAA ExpressCut pineapple peeling and slicing machine has an fantastic performance, combined with the machine's easy to use functionality it adds pineapple cutting profitability in production chains and offers you a chance to make your customers a quality fruit slices.

Peeling machine Combi 1000

Combi 1000 Peeling machine is suitable for medium-sized and large industries. The machine can peel potatoes and all kind of small and medium-sized vegetables.

Peeling machine Combi 5

Combi 5-peeling machine is suitable for small and medium-sized industries.

Myskikurpitsan kuorintalaite Tenrit BSP

Laite myskikurpitsan tehokkaaseen kuorintaan.
Tenrit APM-1


Tenrit APM-1 omenankuorintakone lohkomistoiminnolla nopeaan ja turvalliseen tavan omenan jatkojalostamiseen.

Carrot peeler

Forsfood Semi-Automated peeling machine for cylindrical produce peels the produce properly and with high quality using the knife peeling principle.
Tenrit SoloC

Tenrit Solo-C

The vegetable peeler TENRIT SOLO C peels cucumbers, carrots and other elongated vegetables with a diameter of 8 – 20 mm or 20 – 65 mm and a minimum length of 100 mm.