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Eillert vegetable centrifuge, MSD-500 (VAR)


Product description

The MSD-500 (VAR) has been developed for centrifuging batches of various kinds of vegetables, as well as for whole leaves and other delicate products. The variable machine is supplied entirely pre-programmed with 20 practical programs, which can easily be adapted and fixed by the user. On the machine the centrifuging time and speed can be adjusted. Moreover, the machine has a slow start possibility in its programming for fragile lettuces and uncut leafy vegetables, as well as a 'left-right' function where the basket twists sequentially in both directions during the centrifuging process. This gives an optimum dehydration for coarsely cut products or whole leaves. Per batch a maximum of 10 kilograms, depending on the product, can be centrifuged. The machine is also available with a fixed speed. In this case only the centrifuging time is adjustable.

  • Manufacturer: Eillert
  • Weight: kg
  • Capacity: up to approx. 600 kg. per hour depending on the product.
  • Voltage: 230 Volts, 50 Hz, 1 Phase+PE+PN, 1,5 KW, 16 A CEE, 3 pole

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Product EIL-MSD-500 | Eillert vegetable centrifuge, MSD-500 (VAR)

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