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Water conveyor


Product description

Water Conveyor is intended to place in after to the processing machine (such as peeling). Water conveyor removes starch from the surface of the peeled potato and helps to cell structure to close. At the same time prevent surface drying lengthen the shelf-life. The machine uses only water. Water conveyor also acts as an intermediate storage for the products before the next unit and balancing input. Water conveyor is easy to clean and completely stainless.

  • Manufacturer: Forsfood
  • Weight: kg 200
  • Capacity: max. 1500kg/h
  • Voltage: 400 V 3-phase 50Hz,(if the drive 400 V 1-phase 50Hz)
  • connected load: 0,37 kW

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Product 0078-15550 | Water conveyor

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